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A small design studio with big ideas

Crafting head-turning brands & engaging websites is what we do best.


Dear Passionate Business Owner - I see you.


You're working so hard over there to create your empire (be it big or small, there’s no discrimination over here). Endlessly browsing Pinterest boards and scoping out other people’s websites for inspiration. 

Of course, a little hint of envy creeps in along the way, because comparison syndrome is real. I've been there oh-so-many times myself.

But now, you’re ready for a brand that really stands out. One that truly matches the quality of this dreamy business you’ve built.


Hi - I'm Danielle

Welcome to my creative nook where balancing beautiful & functional is what I do best

danielle joseph function creative co
danielle joseph function creative co. brand and web designer
danielle joseph brand and web designer function creative co.
about the founder:

Danielle Joseph

The brains & creative behind Function Creative Co.

You won’t find much fluff around my corners of the interwebs. I love to make things look beautiful, but it’s equally as important to me that every design decision serves a purpose. Practicality is the name of my game. When I’m not deep into my client work, you can find me practicing some yoga, nose-deep in a good book (likely a crime novel, personal growth, or business read), making art or pottery, hanging out with my family, or snuggling my fur baby, Bruce the Chihuahua (AKA our Design Intern). He helps me out around the studio during his nap and play breaks.

what matters most:

Creativity / simplicity / passion / Transparency / Collaboration / Organization / Kindness / Respect



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