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I had someone reach out to me on Instagram last week (@kristenmarie_crane - thanks for prompting this!) and ask for a blog post all about how to use the 90 Day Planner I created. Since I've taken on the role of entrepreneur and decided to jump into my business full time, I must be honest, it's been an overwhelming ride! There are ups and downs and twists and turns the whole way, but it's also been so incredibly worthwhile to work on something that is my own.

Some of you might know that I work with yoga teachers through an online community and have launched a branding workshop to help teachers get super clear and build a more sustainable yoga biz.

Because I've had to manage 2 aspects of my brand (Function as my design company and Your Yoga Brand as my yoga teacher community) PLUS teaching yoga part time, things got a little hairy there for a while.

I have to admit to you that I was completely overwhelmed by what I needed to do to keep growing and maintaining my business(es). I'm the queen of systems, organization and to-do lists, so after about 6 months of struggling, I've finally put some processes in place to streamline EVERYTHING and create more time in my schedule to focus on the priorities (along with some self-care and time to disconnect).

One of the ways I've done this? My 90 Day Planner. I just recently designed a planner (and have added it to the Function resource library here!) that outlines the whole process of setting goals for yourself for the next 90 days and then breaking those out into actionable steps.

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If you're someone struggling to keep track of what you should be working on and when, this process is so helpful. And this planner doesn't have to be solely work-related. I've used it for personal goals too!

Step 1: Write out your goals for the next 90 days

Here's what's on my list:

- Grow email subscriber community

- Sell 10 more seats in my yoga branding workshop

- Grow my website traffic

- Book 5 new clients

- Plan out mini courses

- Increase social media following by 20%+


Step 2: Break these out into actionable steps

For example, to grow my email list, I need to write out a list of tasks to help me expand my community!

Here's some examples of what's on my list:

- Write 2 guest posts per month

- Update the copy on my website

- Brand photoshoot

- Sign up for social media scheduler

- Write blog post 2 times per month - ...etc.


Step 3: Schedule tasks into a 12 week calendar

Now, you take all the tasks you've listed and separate them out into manageable items each week for 12 weeks.

Here's what my first couple of weeks worth of tasks looks like:

Week 1: 

- Photoshoot

- Write a guest post

- Write a blog post

- Recurring social media schedule/plan

- Email list building course

Week 2:

- Work on youryogabrand.com

- Schedule a live chat

- Plan out Function mini course scripts

- Update website copy

- Email list building course

"End overwhelm. Get your to-do list on paper or on screen with a 90 day plan."  (tweet it)

Using this planner has been a game changer for me, so I wanted to write an actual step by step post to help you work through your own goals and plan.

>> Grab your own copy of the 90 Day Planner for FREE right inside the Function Resource Library. 

Having a system in place to get things from my brain onto paper in actionable steps has been incredibly helpful for my business and I hope you can implement these strategies in your own!

Happy planning, my friends.

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