Client Spotlight: Chantel Lugossy, Financial Coach

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A behind-the-scenes look at this brand design project by Function Creative Co. for financial coach, Chantel Lugossy.

What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Styling
→ Marketing Collateral 

Chantel came to me when she had made the decision to start a business around financial coaching. She didn't want it to feel stuffy or corporate - she wanted something that appealed to a young-adult audience and built enough trust in her clients that they could open up about something very personal (finances!). 

We worked on a very grounded, trusting, professional brand that still felt modern and approachable. 

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

step 1 | we got some serious clarity

As with each project we take on, a years-in-the-making brand questionnaire is sent to the client to sit with and fill in as best as they can, along with a copy of The Brand Planner. I say years-in-the-making because it's been very refined and intentional in what information we want to collect. And it's still always changing. 

Between this questionnaire, The Brand Planner, optional Pinterest vision-boarding and a 1-hour strategy brainstorming session, Chantel and I were able to get some breakthrough strategy in place for her business and brand. I specifically even remember her saying something along the lines of: 

"Holy crap! I didn't know what we were even going to talk about during this call, but it was great!"

At the end of the project, I also asked Chantel what her favourite part of the process/experience was and she mentioned:

"I really enjoyed working through The Business Planner. As hard as it was, it really planted deep roots for a great foundation in my business."


Step 2 | A neat-and-tidy brand strategy guide

From the information we gathered during our strategy sessions and research, we put together a strategy guide so that Chantel both has something solid to refer back to when making decisions in her business, and also so that we can start the design work based on a solid foundation. 

included in the strategy guide:

Brand Overview → Ideal Clients → Brand Vibes → Brand Voice → Brand Story (what makes you different) → Moodboard Design → Colour Palette


Step 3 | concept work

With the one-concept approach that Function has taken on (thanks to Spruce Rd.'s teachings!), we presented the concept in a call with Chantel, going through the strategy through to how it translated into the visuals. 

The concept is designed as a whole brand on its own so that the client can see everything in context. 

first up, initial sketches:
second, concept design:

We first presented this concept to Chantel based on the strategy and posisioning work we did together.

financial coach chantel lugossy brand design logo


Step 4 | refinement rounds

After the presentation, we had Chantel fill in a feedback form to get some insights into her suggestions for the concept. This is all done with the strategy top of mind, and keeping her ideal clients in the spotlight. Any refinements are done from here on in rounds. 

During the first round, we considered moving in more of a structured direction with a simple, geometric logo option:


Upon chatting more about this and figuring out how it could be perceived, we actually decided it would be best to stick with the original (full of personality, but still modern and streamlined!). Huzzah! Making magic happen!


Step 5 | Finalize files + get the brand style guide ready

Once we chose the best direction for the brand, we finalized all the files Chantel will need to keep the momentum going. That means all logo and submark files for both print and web, all pattern files, icons, elements...etc.

From there, the beautiful style guide is put together so that the client has a hardcover copy of their hard work making is so super easy to reference going forward.

The hardcover version of the style guide has been a gamechanger and some clients have even mentioned they take it everywhere with them along with their laptops!


Step 6 | Marketing touchpoints

Once we had the brand in place, we moved on to designing some marketing experience pieces that Chantel could start using immediately in her business. 

We tackled social media imagery, YouTube artwork and thumbnails, Instagram grids, business cards, and even a Google Doc that's on brand for future workbooks she'll have her clients fill in.

After all that hard work, how nice is it to have pieces you can start using right away?! 

financial coach brand design chantel lugossy business cards

 Step 7 | Web Design + Development

Chantel came to us after several months of having her new brand asking for a hand with her website. She intended on doing this herself, but it's very understandable that this task can be very daunting and overwhelming! So of course we would help.

We worked with Chantel to put together a website we're all so proud of - one as unique as Chantel. We wanted to focus on the strategy of the site and its main goal: to educate potential coaching clients on Chantel's services and approach.

We put together some unique layouts that showcased her abilities and also her new, professional, trustworthy brand!


Bringing a business to life is so much more than just a logo (as you can see).

Working in such a collaborative way with our clients is what brings us the most joy in this line of work. 

Thanks to Chantel for being such an amazing business owner and for inspiring us with her will to help people recognize their worth and make money less intimidating and scary! Also a big kudos for taking the leap into entrepreneurship. 

What better way to start getting her new business in front of her perfect clients than to get this intentional and this focused on what her brand and business are all about!



Here’s what Chantel had to say about working with Function:

"Danielle is an amazing mind reader - she really gets to know you and your business and what you want it to say."

- Chantel Lugossy, Financial Coach

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