Client Spotlight: Ingeborg K, Pre + Postnatal Yoga Instructor

yoga instructor ingeborg k moodboard with devan danielle

A behind-the-scenes look at this brand experience project in collaboration with Devan Danielle and Lorin Galloway.

What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Styling
→ Brand Illustration
→ Business Cards
→ Class Posters
→ Punch Cards
→ Social Templates
→ Video Thumbnails
→ Website Banners

Ingeborg came to us with one goal in mind: help her create a cohesive and beautiful brand identity for her pre and postnatal yoga business. Her clients are strong, fierce, divinely feminine women and mothers. 

Our response? An immediate heck yes!

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

step 1 | The Brand Planner

First things first, we sent Ingeborg a copy of The Brand Planner to help her get some super clear direction of her brand and business. 

This step makes the process of brand strategy so much easier since the client has already worked through the mumble jumble brainstorming in The Brand Planner.


Step 2 | brand strategy

Once Ingeborg made it through The Brand Planner, Devan sent her a comprehensive questionnaire and scheduled a 2 hour session with her to work through all the brand strategy bits and pieces. 

This step is crucial to the success of any design project we take on here at Function. Brand strategy means getting a solid foundation set up for things like your business direction, brand vibes, perfect clients ideal customers, brand voice, positioning...etc. 

From here, we build the visuals using the brand strategy guide like a bible!

yoga instructor ingeborg k moodboard with devan danielle

Step 3 | concept work

Once Devan wrapped up the strategy work with Ingeborg, we moved on to design. Lorin started with some sketching and blew it out of the water with her handlettering talent.

first up, initial sketches:
next, concept design:

Lorin designed a beautifully crafted logo using an elegant, feminine serif typeface, with a thicker weight to signify divine strength. She also used her amazing handlettering skills to create the "K" bringing in another element of nurturing and feminine vibes.

ingeborg-conepts yoga instructor brand design logo and submark

Step 4 | refinement rounds

Lorin seriously nailed this right from the get-go so refinements were very minimal. All we did was thicken up the typography in the logo and finalize some application mockups!

ingeborg-conepts yoga instructor brand design logo and submark


Step 5 | Finalize files + get the brand style guide ready

Once we had the brand concepts totally finalized, we moved on to more application, and setting up the brand style guide. Because we knew that Ingeborg would be updating and redesigning her own website and creating her own video and social media content, the style guide became very important. 

Outlining the exact application of the brand and how to use the individual brand pieces was crucial so that Ingeborg could continue to create content for her business that was both beautiful and consistent with all of the hardwork we've put into the design. 

The style guide describes exactly how to use the different logo iterations, the colours, the typography and goes into detail about the brand strategy (business overview, positioning, vibes, ideal clients, voice...etc.), image style (perfect for handing off to photographers!), and marketing application.

Now, Ingeborg has both a digital copy to keep handy on her laptop, and a beautifully printed hardcover copy to keep on her desk (or coffee table - a great conversation piece!). 

the style guide:
ingeborg-style-guide-cover brand style guide


Step 6 | Marketing touch-points

The really beautiful thing about this project is that Ingeborg paints these vibrant, vivid paintings that portray the strength and vibes of her brand. We wanted to make sure to include those as much as we could and felt these paintings were such a great balance to the strong, feminine, divine vibes with the nurturing, soft, motherly aspects.

We worked together with Lorin to get social media templates, video thumbnails, and website banner imagery ready for Ingeborg to start using her new brand right away.

Ingeborg Video Thumbnail Templates Option 2-02.jpg
Original painting by Ingeborg

Original painting by Ingeborg


Here at Function, we thrive on collaboration

Working in such a collaborative way with the Function team and Ingeborg was such a powerful experience for all of us.

Her voice, her paintings, her story, her services... they all come together to give new mothers such a safe and powerful place to learn and explore their body and breath. And what a better way to reach those divinely feminine new mamas than with this beautiful brand and marketing collateral?

The strength and elegance we balance in this project speaks volumes to gaining the trust of Ingeborg's clients. New moms are vulnerable. With a brand intentionally designed with them in mind, they can relax into knowing they're totally taken care of when working with Ingeborg.

We cannot wait to see what comes next for Ingeborg with her new brand direction!

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