Rebranding Spotlight: Lillypod Floatation

lillypod floatation rebranding project

Lillypod Floatation is a company based out of New York that's dedicated to salt water floating therapy. They operate a floating spa, educate consumers and business owners about floating benefits, and also sell the actual floating pods to spas.

If you've never been floating, it's definitely something worth the experience!

Lillypod came to me with a request: to turn their current brand into a more modern, welcoming, soft and natural approach. They needed some updating and took initiative to completely rebrand their company and I was so excited and more than happy to help.

The new brand speaks much more clearly to their target audience and has calming, relaxing and natural tones.

Sometimes, a brand just needs a little refresh in order to better communicate its overall message.

We took the logo and kept it in line with the old version by refining the icon and choosing a better-suited typeface to represent a more modern look. The rounded typeface (Moon Bold) helps create a softer, welcoming appeal while still using a bold sans-serif font.

We also streamlined the entire brand by putting together an extensive brand guideline package, which includes all colours (and colour codes), fonts to use and how to use them, logo variations, brand tone and much more. This makes it super easy for any future designers to hop on the project and put together pieces for Lillypod that will remain consistent. It's a really great reference to have handy when creating social media images, print projects, profile banners..etc.

For the website, we refined the copy to be SEO-friendly, and created a user experience design that would make it easy for readers to find what they're looking for. Because the company focuses on three main pillars (bookings, selling of the pods and educating spa owners), we needed to focus on making things accessible to whatever audience was present on the site. If a spa owner came across the website, we designed it in a way they can easily find information on buying and using the pods. If a user wanted to book an appointment, they can easily find out how to do that as well.

So, after several months of working together, I'm excited to be showcasing the TLC we gave to Lillypod. Their website is currently being developed based on the designs we came up with, but check out the images below for a comparison of before-and-afters!

Before rebranding:

lillypod before rebrand logo
lillypod before rebrand website

After rebranding:

lillypod website after rebrand
lillypod after rebrand business cards
website home page lillypod after rebrand
full website design after rebrand lillypod

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