Client Spotlight:
Stephanie Lees Design, Interior Design Firm

stephanie lees design brand design for interior designer

A behind-the-scenes look at this brand experience project

What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Styling
→ Marketing Collateral

Stephanie came to Function wanting some help streamlining an entire brand experience for her sophisticated and premium interior design clients. 

Stephanie herself is very approachable, personable and might just show up to your in-home consultation with jeans and a coffee in hand. That's just how she works! She wanted her clients to feel trusting and ready to collaborate with her and her team on bringing their dream home style to life.

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

The ideal client for SLD:

Collaborative / Modern / Personable / Sophisticated

The perfect clients for Stephanie Lees Design are homeowners who want their homes to be beautiful, while also accommodating their day-to-day living habits. They value having someone who is modern, personable, collaborative and willing to work with their particular family’s lifestyle.

These clients feel most inspired by a modern and contemporary style, and are entirely open to letting Stephanie and her team bring a creative eye to their home. Clients of Stephanie Lees Design have a reasonable amount of disposable income and already can appreciate the value that hiring Stephanie and her team will bring to their life. They know that Stephanie and her team won’t create something that is simply not-usable and instead will work with them to best reflect their lifestyles.

first up, initial sketches:
brand sketches for stephanie lees design interior design brandinga
next, concept design:

We start out any brand project with the one-design approach. We knew we wanted Stephanie's brand to feel very sophisticated, but not so far out of reach. The brand still needed to be warm and approachable.

The first iteration of the concept design featured an elegant, editorial-esque typeface balanced with a sophisticated and unstructured script.

The submarks balanced the typefaces in a combination monogram for SLD.



Once we presented the concept to Stephanie and her team, we chatted through some subtle refinements to really bring out the sophistication of the brand.

We refined the script to be a little more off-kilter for more personality, and turned the submark into a simple, minimalistic, elegant mark.

We also ended up adjusted the colour palette to be more neutral allowing pops of neon colour as a very subtle element to introduce aspects of fun, vibrant, and personable vibes.

stephanie lees design interior design firm branding function creative co.

Finalizing files and style guide

Once we refined the logo and submarks to perfection, we started to finalize all the files and put the brand style guide together (which was shipped to Stephanie so her and her team have a hardcover version of their guide to hold in their hands!).  

the style guide:

Marketing touch-points

If you want a stellar brand experience for your clients, then you need to think about all the touchpoints they are having with your business.

With SLD, we put together a range of social media graphics, an in-home consultation gift card, sophisticated lawn signage, and website elements + graphics.

stephanie lees design interior design firm branding
  Original painting by Ingeborg

Designers working with designers is the best

Working in such a collaborative way with Stephanie and her team was an amazing experience. We are so thrilled with the outcome of this unique and beautiful brand design!

When you invest in your brand, you're building a level of confidence both within yourself, your business and your clients or customers. Stephanie's new brand fully communicates a level of professionalism, confidence and sophistication that will inevitably have her clients trusting her on a whole new level to come into their homes and turn their vision into a reality.

We can't wait to see how Stephanie and her team use the style guide to apply these brand changes to her website. :)

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