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Client Resource Library

Resources to help you along after we've finished your project

Below you'll find a bunch of free resources to help you continue building your brand + website. If there's something you'd like to see in the library, please get in touch and let me know!

Squarespace Resources:

Squarespace support guide: pretty well anything you'd need to learn the ins-and-outs of Squarespace.

Connecting social media: a guide to connecting your social media accounts to your website.

Adding images and videos: how to add imagery or videos to a webpage on your site.

Editing webpages: how to add content or change page layouts on Squarespace.

Squarespace SEO + Analytics: how to optimize your website for Google and track your metrics.

Setup Google Analytics in SS: add your Google Analytics info to your new SS website.

Other questions from the community: a list of specific questions you can search through.

Add a PDF through Squarespace: upload a PDF or file to generate a URL through your site.

Format images for web on SS: how to optimize your images when you upload to your site.

Add "Related Posts" section to your blog: a great way to keep people moving through your content!

Squarespace shortcuts to save time: quick shortcuts for managing your Squarespace edits.

Creating a membership/private area of SS: if you need to setup password-protected pages, here's how.

Wordpress Resources:

Wordpress resources from Station Seven: a collection of super helpful posts on using WP.

Wordpress for Beginners: a great blog with tons of resources for getting started on WP.

SEO on Wordpress: how to set up the Yoast plugin and optimize your site for Google.

Add custom Pinterest button: set up a custom graphic for your Pinterest image on your site.

Add Mailchimp opt-in: setup your Mailchimp form on your WP site.

Add Active Campaign email form: setup your Active Campaign opt-in form on WP.

Add Convert Kit email form: setup your Convert Kit opt-in form on your WP site.

Setting up Google Analytics: connect your Google Analytics account to your WP site.

Set up rich pins for Pinterest: setup your rich pins for your Pinterest account through WP.

Improve website speed: if your website is loading slowly, here are a few tips + tricks.

Adding a PDF through WP: if you want to upload a PDF to generate a URL, here's how!

Optimize images for WP: here's how to make sure your images are optimized for websites.

Brand + Business Resources:

Add your site to Google: you'll want to submit new websites to Google with Webmaster Tools.

Grow website traffic with Pinterest: a huge source of traffic! How to use Pinterest in your biz.

Growing your email list: 5 ways to grow your email community.

Create your own graphics on Canva: the go-to platform for designing your own graphics.

Eye-catching blog graphics: design your own graphics with these tips + tricks.

Brand consistency: this is key to getting noticed. Check in with these ways to keep consistent.