dallas delahunt

Brand styling, web design & promotional material

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About the project

I had the opportunity to work with an amazing, straight-forward, and beautiful yoga teacher, dallas delahunt (lowercase letters intended). We wanted to capture the exact essence of who she is in an entire brand and website to help promote her offerings. That kind of brand challenge excited me beyond words.

Ideal client

While figuring out the foundation of this brand, dallas and I determined that her ideal client is someone who might think of themselves as "not flexible enough", or "not young enough", or "not fit enough for yoga. We wanted to build this for the people who simply want to experience yoga without restraints.

Initial Concepts

We approached her brand from a few different perspectives. We wanted to explore some bold, sharpie-esque handlettered logos along with some geometric and solid font choices. Here's what our first round of concepts looked like:


From there, dallas was completely sold on the simple, geometric font of the second concept. In fact, in her own words: 

"This is a no brainer for me! It's perfect! Thank you! Don't change a thing about it."

So we ran with it! And from there, created a beautiful, strong brand for her yoga business.


Dallas cuts to the chase with no BS, but shares such a huge amount of love in everything she does.