What they didn't teach you in design school

The Function Creative Co. Process Certification - A program for brand & web designers.


You've learned the basics like using Illustrator and Photoshop, but no one taught you how to confidently work with your clients.

→ Feeling tired of the hustle to find better quality, higher-paying clients?

→ Drained by the constant worry about where your next projects (and income) will come from?

→ Want to have a steady flow of clients who are so excited and thrilled about their projects that they tell everyone they know that they just need to work with you?

→ Ready for an inbox full of potential clients inquiring and hoping to have the chance to work with you?

→ Feeling totally over the worry about how to market yourself and ready to focus sooo much more on just doing what you love - designing?


I see you because I’ve been there too.

beyond the basics:


A design process that will have your clients shouting their love for you from their rooftops

(or at least sharing on social media and recommending you to all of their friends)




This is how I do not want you to feel in your design business:

Alone and like no one really gets what you’re doing or what you’re trying to accomplish.

Frustrated by the lack of clients that you wish were flooding your inbox.

Totally over the projects that drag on wayyy longer than you thought they should resulting in delayed payments and unpaid invoices.

Discouraged about whether you can even make this thing work long-term.

Lacking confidence in your process and in your pricing feeling like you’re not an "expert"...yet.

Overwhelmed by all the things you’re supposed to be doing to market your business along with all the actual design work on top of it #sendhelp.

This would make me a whole lot happier for you:

Relieved about a tested and proven process to help you gain the confidence you need in your client processes.

Encouraged by feeling like the expert in each project, offering your clients the best experience possible.

Confident in your pricing so that you can start charging your worth.

Motivated by a marketing plan that runs itself through client referrals.

Consistent flow of clients (and income) coming through your inbox so that you can focus on doing more of what you love.

Less hustle, more thoughtful, quality and higher-paying design clients.

what's involved:

10 weekly 90-minute group sessions (Recorded)

hardcover copy of the brand planner

ongoing use of the Brand planner (digital) for your clients

2 spotlight sessions during our weekly calls

ongoing support always through quarterly calls

small, tight-knit group of designers who get it

slack channel for daily check-ins and support

template library of process docs + goodies

first access to future resources + events

the curriculum:

Sessions Will run every Wednesday 1:00pm-2:30pm EST
from April 4th, 2018 - May 30th, 2018

  • week 1: setting up systems + schedules

    Learn the gist of how I set up client projects and schedule my time. How many clients should you take on a once? How can you create a flawless timeline? We'll dive into all of this during the first session.

  • week 2: onboarding your clients

    How clients get started with you matters. Create a seamless onboarding process to welcome your clients into your business and have them feeling super excited and comfortable getting started knowing they definitely chose the right designer.

  • week 3: brand strategy + research

    This step is crucial to having projects stay on track. As designers, it's your job to make sure you're understanding your client's brand and needs from this point on. This is when The Brand Planner will make all the difference.

  • week 4: concept design + presentation

    I work based off of a one-concept process (inspired by the wonderful Jamie over at Spruce Rd.) How you present your concept and the work you put into this initial design is imperative to the rest of the project. The process I use has almost all clients coming back with very little to no refinements. It works - trust me!

  • week 5: Feedback + refinements

    Client feedback can be incredibly intimidating, discouraging and overwhelming, but truly it doesn't have to be. We'll set up a process for collecting only the most valuable bits of feedback and keep your clients on track. We all hate when projects go beyond the agreed upon refinement rounds, so let's keep things manageable instead.

  • week 6: style guides + marketing collateral

    This is the bread and butter. This is when all of your hard work comes together and you get to WOW your clients with a stunning style guide and marketing collateral that they can hold in their hands. This has been a gamechanger for me, folks and I can't wait to share how to make this an unforgettable experience in your process.

  • week 7: web design strategy

    Just as crucial as The Brand Planner is to brand strategy, website strategy has to be aligned in order to make something spectacular for your client. We'll tackle the entire process of how to give a web strategy presentation for your clients.

  • week 8: collecting web design content

    Oh, the bane of our existence as web designers, right? It doesn't have to be, I promise. I'll walk you through my process for keeping web design projects on track. No more year-long website designs here. Just a tried and true process for collecting content more effectively.

  • week 9: web design process

    Now that you have the strategy and content covered, we'll go through how to implement a web design. Everything from mockups, to presenting to the client, collecting feedback, and finally developing. Bonus tips on working with a developer, too!

  • week 10: offboarding + ongoing support

    How you wrap things up is so important to leaving your clients with the feel-good warm-and-fuzzies. We need to end on a high note, giving our clients all of the support they need to keep the momentum going. I'll go over my process for wrapping up projects, and how I present ongoing support (and income) from amazing clients.


the results:

1. —

A solid process that shouts "I'm an expert!" and builds complete trust with your clients

2. —

A brand strategy tool to give the kind of clarity your clients will be so grateful for

3. —

Confidence to revamp your brand & web design packages and raise your prices


4. —

Consistent flow of client referrals delivered right into your inbox

5. —

A tight-knit group of designers (AKA friends who just get it)

6. —

No more projects lasting an entire year (or more, let's be honest)


This is not another course that you'll never end up finishing - it's a community.

the investment:

program entry: $500.00

Process certification fee: $500.00 per year (less than $45.00 per month...AKA one dinner out with a friend)


→ With this being the first run of this mentorship program, I can guarantee the cost is much more affordable than future entry fees will be.

Spots will be capped at just 5 designers so that we can have an intimate group setting as we work through the curriculum together.

→ Ongoing membership fees entitle you to use The Brand Planner© process with your clients (you will be given an digital license to use the actual PDF with your clients adding a lot of value to your process and packages).

→ Certification fee will be billed annually beginning one year after the start time of this program and allows you access to ongoing support, resources and licenses to use this process with your clients [value: proven lot].

→  Ongoing certification fees also cover quarterly 90 minute calls where we'll tackle specific topics (like marketing plans for designers, crafting your packages...etc.) and open the floor to Q&As. This is a great opportunity to have some accountability and get continued support from Danielle on refining your process [value: $600 per year]

→ The certification fees give you access to a private Slack channel for the designers in the group so that you have access to daily support and a network of tight-knit people. No more massive and overwhelming Facebook groups here [value: pretty priceless if you ask me - I'm very excited to have designers to pop in and ask questions too as I work each day].

→ Certification fees also entitle you to a commercial license of The Brand Planner, so that you can use it with all of your clients during your process [value: $750 per year].


Who's behind all of this?

Hi - Danielle Joseph

The brains & creative behind Function Creative Co.

You won’t find much fluff around my corners of the interwebs. I love to make things look beautiful, but it’s equally as important to me that every design decision serves a purpose. Practicality is the name of my game.

Over the past 4 years, I've dabbled in many different marketing efforts and have found the best way to grow my business and fill my inbox with the best clients is to refine my process. I've worked hard to create a solid creative process for my clients and can't wait to share it with other designers.

When I’m not deep into my client work, you can find me practicing some yoga, nose-deep in a good book, making art or pottery, or snuggling my partner and fur baby, Bruce the Chihuahua.

the bottom line:

You'll love the program if:

You want to give your clients an unforgettable experience so that they'll want to share your name with everyone and anyone they know.

You want an inbox full of consistent inquiries from quality clients - put your referral marketing efforts on autopilot.

You want to feel confident in being the expert in your client’s eyes - guide them through a process that is full of ease and blows their expectations out of the water.

You want better quality, higher-paying clients who value your expertise and trust you to do what you do best.

You want your projects to stay on track (no more year-long projects here) so you get paid on time.

The path to these results:

You can experiment and do it all on your own,


You can get a step-by-step process that you know works along with a community of designers to help support you along the way.


You can put extra time and energy into experimenting with other marketing efforts,


You can focus on giving your clients the best possible experience and a clear process so that they have no hesitations recommending you to everyone in their community.


Still have questions?
I have answers


(or get in touch with me if you don't see it listed here):

Q1. How will you choose the 5 designers?

Depending on applications received, I will likely hop on a quick call to meet you and figure out the best fit for a 5 person group. Ideally, all 5 designers will be at similar stages in their business so that we can chat about relevant topics and answers relevant questions!

Q2. Why is the cost so low?

This is my first run at this. I've noticed a huge influx of designers reaching out to me and asking for guidance, so this is the program I've put together to support my community! The price this round is very low as we work through this for the first time together.

If all goes well, next round of designers will have a higher entry fee.

Q3. Do I have to continue to pay the annual fee?

The program will teach you a solid, proven process for booking better clients and putting your referral marketing on autopilot. The annual certification fee allows you to continue to use my process with your own clients, use The Brand Planner as a strategy tool with your clients, have access to me through quarterly calls and also a private Slack channel for all of us to brainstorm and ask questions that come up day-to-day.

If you choose to opt-out of the annual certification fees, you are no longer able to use this process, The Brand Planner, or access the additional support and resources throughout the year.

Q4. How will i be billed each year?

You'll be required to pay for the prorgam entry up front, and one year from the start date, you'll be invoiced and asked to sign a renewal contract for the certification fees.

You can pay with credit card, debit, or Paypal. Super easy.

Q5. Will I learn about marketing my business?

By refining your process and making your entire brand experience with your clients unforgettable, they'll have every reason to be shouting your name from the rooftops.

Through client process and building confidence in how you work on each project and present your work, your marketing efforts will be tremendously reduced.

My marketing these days is primarily just showing up on Instagram when I feel inspired to do so. I also blog. Aside from those two things, my clients find me through other clients and referrals. That's where you'll propel your business forward and can expect a more full inbox of client inquiries!

Q6. Will you be running this again?

If all goes well for everyone involved, I will run this program again in the future. I'm not entirely sure when or at what cost at the moment, though. And it's entirely possible this could be the only mentorship program I provide. TBD :)

Q7. Is there a refund policy?

If you are one of the five designers who has been selected and paid the entry fee, there are no refunds for the program.

If, in one year's time, you don't wish to renew your certification membership, you are not required to pay the annual fee. You are also no longer permitted to use the certified process, any iteration of The Brand Planner tools/exercises, and no longer able to access the community or additional support and resources.

Q8. What if I can't make one of the sessions?

If you can make it to the majority of the dates listed in the curriculum, but just can't make it for one, or two, the calls will all be recorded and sent out. You can have a listen, take notes, and either use your spotlight time to ask any Qs, or touch base with all of us on Slack.

Otherwise, it's pretty important that you're available during all of the live calls so you can get the most out of the program!



Sound like something you'd love to be a part of?

 Apply for a spot! Applications will be reviewed & calls may be set up as a part of the selection process.