Function creative co brand and web design FAQs

This is what we’re into right now

In case you’re curious about what we’re currently reading, watching & working on!

currently working on:
  • An in-person business retreat Danielle is co-hosting with Devan Danielle WHATTTTT? Check out Back into Balance - a business retreat where soul meets strategy for details.

  • Plugging away on 8 client brand/website projects for a naturopath clinic, a wellness coach, a performance coach, a professional coach, an online teaching platform, and a tour guide in Italy (can we say GRATEFUL any louder for our inspiring, amazing clients?! No. No we can’t. We are shouting it as loud as we can).

  • Outlining a new setup for the Function Design School and creating new workshops for both designers and business owners! Coming soon! You can hop on the waitlist so that you’re first to know if you’d like.

  • A personal, side project Danielle is working on with her family for all their creative, artsy things! Check out or for teaser details.

kicking off new projects:
  • We are accepting new clients for kickoffs starting at the beginning of April.

currently wishing for:
  • A coffee shop/restaurant design client

  • Product-based business design client

currently loving on:
  • GoodNotes 4 app for iPads (marks up PDFs, which we use for client calls, meeting notes, daily check-ins, and brainstorming! It’s like writing without a notepad)

  • Creating and getting creative every single day. I am now working n crocheting a bag/purse I can bring with me on the Back Into Balance Retreat. Instagram is the best place to be for updates.

currently reading:


Biggest shout-out to Caroline + Jason over at Wandering Aimfully for this page inspiration. We’ve always wanted a fun spot to share what we’re currently into, working on and wishing for. This is awesome.