Function creative co brand and web design FAQs

This is what we’re into right now

In case you’re curious about what we’re currently reading, watching & working on!

currently working on:
  • An in-person business retreat Danielle is co-hosting with Devan Danielle WHATTTTT? Check out Back into Balance - a business retreat where soul meets strategy for details.

  • Kicking off 5 new client projects for 2019, and taking things a little more slowly this year. We’re still planning on getting to work with a ton of amazing, new clients, but with more intentional scheduling that will benefit both parties!

  • Outlining a new setup for the Function Design School

  • A personal, side project Danielle is working on with her family for all their creative, artsy things! Check out or for teaser details.

currently wishing for:
  • A coffee shop/restaurant design client

  • Product-based business design client

currently loving on:
  • GoodNotes 4 app for iPads (marks up PDFs, which we use for client calls, meeting notes, daily check-ins, and brainstorming! It’s like writing without a notepad)

  • Creating and getting creative every single day. Danielle is currently crocheting a sweater and also finishing up her biggest abstract painting to date! Instagram is the best place to be for updates.

currently reading:

currently listening to:

Biggest shout-out to Caroline + Jason over at Wandering Aimfully for this page inspiration. We’ve always wanted a fun spot to share what we’re currently into, working on and wishing for. This is awesome.