Olivia O'Young Photography

Brand styling & website design

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About the project

Olivia came to me needing a brand styled to reflect her unique photography style. She knew the value of creating something that would attract the kind of clients she wanted to work with, who understood her approach. She also knew this would be what set her apart among other photographers based in Toronto.

Ideal client

Olivia mainly works with couples, families, boudoir clients and business owners/entrepreneurs. She appeals to people who want to capture life's real moments. It's important that she works with people who jive with her darker, captivating and powerful image style. We focused A LOT on ideal clients with this project!

Initial Concepts

First, we tackled some initial concepts based on Olivia's brand workbook and vision board. I knew her style called for a unique logo - one that didn't follow the structure of a symmetrical, structured font. I broke out the pens, paper, calligraphy sets and ink to test out some flawed script writing and balanced that with some more structured options to compare. Ultimately, we agreed the flawed script was best to communicate Olivia's brand.



"Finding beauty in the everyday isn't always easy but looking through my lens highlights that it's always there."

- Olivia O'Young


What Olivia had to say about the project:

“Danielle totally understood my vision and worked hard to make it come to life. She created a website which is beautiful, functional, and infused with all things me! I am so grateful to have found her!”

- Olivia O'Young