Ryan Schwartz

Brand styling

About the project

Ry came to me needing some help bringing his amazing, timeless, classic brand to life. He is an expression engineer. You heard me - an engineer of the written word! And boy is he good at what he does. We needed to bring his brand to life through visuals that portrayed his bold, daring and expressive ways in a timeless and classic manor.

Ideal client

Ry works mainly with transformational coaches, leaders, online influencers and entrepreneurs in the online space. They're ready to learn how to take their copy to a whole new level and they're not afraid to invest in that power, because they understand that copy can help them reach their people in a whole new, effective way. 

Initial Concepts

Bold, daring and solid. That's where we started with this logo. We wanted something that felt classic and timeless as well. Something that would stand up against time and stay as powerful as it is right now. Ry's brand is classic and daring. His image style is a little mysterious, dark and super cool, so we stuck to these tones during the entire process.

In the end, we finessed a strong wordmark with a trademark line to represent all things from time, to a line of copy, to an underline (BOLD + DARING). I think we nailed it!


Ry describes himself as embracing the slash: Copywriter/Coach/Entrepreneur/Son/Lover/Friend/Student/Partner/∞, so we had to cover all of this in the brand!