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Brand styling & website design

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About the project

Kirsten supports salon owners through business tools, strategies and resources. She needed a brand identity designed for her new business model and wanted to streamline her website to be simple, easy to use and effective in getting people onto her email list, while also booking her services. We had our work cut out for us, but we made something really functional and beautiful in the end.

Ideal client

Kirsten's ideal client is someone who owns a salon. It seems simple enough, but when we got to really digging into the mentality, we knew we were speaking to a particular group of salon owners who are really struggling to make their dream salon a reality. They're likely needing serious business guidance and a support system to help them. Someone who understands what they're going through!

Initial Concepts

We started off with some concepts that embraced the salon vibe, but quickly realized we wanted something that differentiated SOS from an actual salon. We needed it to communicate professional help and guidance. Something strong, bold and dramatic that could also stand alone as a unique icon!


Our final design:


Salon Owners have a big dream to operate a profitable and happy salon. We needed a brand to show Kirsten's ability to support them along the way.