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About the Project:

Son-ja came to us after deciding to go all-in on her handmade candle business and needed everything designed from the ground up!

We started with branding to create something rooted in rituals. Self-care shouldn’t be an indulgence - it should be a ritual. So we took that approach and based all the design around grounding, calm, earthy vibes. The result? A strong, custom typeface logo, icon, and brand unique brand illustration making the business easy to recognize.

From there, we designed every little detail when it came to packaging: boxes, labels, stickers, stamps, postcards, shipping tape, patterned tissue paper, custom matchboxes, handtags and thank you cards. The packaging experience you’ll get with Satya + Sage is nothing short of extraordinary.

We also designed marketing pieces so that Son-ja could start getting her brand in front of people right off the bat. We put together event banners for her pop-up shops, a wholesale guide for those inquiring about her products in bulk, and intention cards encouraging people to write out their own mantras or practice a pre-made one and share on social media.

The momentum continued into web design. We worked with our developer to design all the pages and the shop in a way that made it easy for people to find exactly what they wanted as quickly as possible. The website is truly unique and the experience is so fluid from discovery through to receiving your order in the mail. You won’t be disappointed! Check out for an amazing selection of handmade products to support your self-care rituals.

Have a product-based business? Get in touch with us! We absolutely love working with business owners, like you!

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What Son-ja had to say about the project:

"It goes a long way when the person you are working with is genuinely into the brand. I'm a firm believer of not forcing things and I never felt like you didn't get it. I also appreciate you taking time to jump on calls with me earlier on when I was stressing out about things potentially not coming together according to our timeline. You were so calm and like ok let's talk about it."

- Son-ja, Satya + Sage