tamara glick brand design

Tamara glick

Brand styling package

About the project

Tamara Glick is a certified image consultant and mind-body style coach. She’s the boss babe and your stylist BFF over at tamaraglick.com and she came to me needing a full brand package that she could take over to a web team who could then work from our styling and design to build out her website.

Ideal client

Tamara helps women find their true style. This is both an inside job and an outter one! Her ideal clients are those who are in style ruts and need a little more joy, self-love and authenticity in their lives. She also focuses on her key term "the inner wild" so of course, we needed something fierce.

Initial Concepts

After working on some concept work, we decided the best route for her wordmark was a totally custom, hand-lettered logo. It offered something that wouldn’t be found elsewhere (unique – just like her!) and an element of truth that a structured font just wouldn’t communicate properly.

Here are a couple of the concepts we worked with from the beginning:


The final logo:


Tamara is fierce. She's unique and she knows her stuff. We needed a brand to represent all of that and more.

After completing the final versions of Tamara’s logo, we moved on to finesse her entire visual brand. Getting down to colours, fonts, brand tone and even imagery style. By having this style sheet for her brand, Tamara will easily be able to reference her design choices and keep consistency across things like her social media imagery and website, which will help strengthen her brand across any platform.


What Tamara had to say:

“I came to Danielle with a very specific project: to help me find a way to build a business identity for a very human persona – mine! Trying to build a brand that encompasses your own personality requires objective help and Danielle’s assessment, process, and end product have been beyond my wildest expectation. Her thorough brand investigation and preparation helped to focus the project, define the target, and clarify the best ways to connect.

From initial concepts to final execution, working with Danielle has been a partnership my brand – and I – have deeply benefited from. The resulting Wordmark and Style Sheet have helped me create consistency and elegance for every interaction potential clients have with my brand and have made ongoing executions a breeze!”

– Tamara Glick