Typenest Wordpress Developer Brand Styling

Typenest - Wordpress Developer & Designer

Brand styling

About the project

Vivian is the face behind her Wordpress Developer + Designer brand, Typenest. She came to me with a request: to help her figure out the visual system she can use to start off her business with a bang. She is focused on Wordpress development with an eye for design.

Ideal client

Vivian's ideal client are those working in small business industries like photographers, designers and solopreneurs. They struggle to balance work and life schedules and want to outsource their website design + development to someone who can handle both in an efficient way.

Initial Concepts

First, we worked through a foundational workbook to get a solid sense of the Typenest brand. We were focused on designing around modern, clean, elegant and minimal designs.

I created a moodboard to capture the vibes we wanted for the visuals, along with some proposed colour palettes.

typenest minimal modern elegant moodboard

brand Logos

typenest brand logo concepts

typenest logo for wordpress developer
typenest logos for wordpress developer
typenest logo for wordpress developer

brand Colour Palette

I initially presented 2 colour palettes to Vivian. The first was a gold and blue palette and the second a pink and gold palette. After some exploring with application, we decided to use the pink and gold palette to capture the elegant and premium vibe of Typenest. 


brand Typography

We used a geometric, strong, condensed font for the logo to capture the modern vibes of the brand. It's balanced using different weights throughout the brand. 

For the rest of the communications for Typenest, we chose complimenting sans-serif fonts to keep on track with the modern and elegant mood.

typenest branding typography font matching

typenest brand mockup logo
typenest brand styling logo photo overlay