10 Completely Irrelevant Facts About Me

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So it’s entirely possible you’re a dear friend of mine or a family member reading this to see if you already knew these things. Or perhaps you’ve been following along with Function for a little while, but aren’t too sure who’s behind the keyboard. You also could have stumbled upon my website just minutes ago and made your way to this post to see what’s up. 

Whatever the case may be, hello! Thanks for dropping by. 

I thought it might be fun to switch gears here for a moment and write a post with 10 facts about who I am. 

When you get to know a business, sometimes it can feel impersonal. I’m not about that over here at Function. While Function is very much alive and growing to be its own thang, I’m still the one-woman show behind the scenes. 

modern brand designer by Function Creative Co.

So, let’s get to it. I’m Danielle Joseph - the face of Function Creative Co and here are 10 things you may not have known about me:

Number 1: I’m the oldest child of 3 in my family.

I like to think that makes me all kinds of responsible and a great leader. My siblings might disagree (Hey Jess! Hey Sean!).


Number 2: I’m a certified yoga teacher.

On top of designing all day, writing blog posts, PRACTICING yoga and supporting a whole crew of yoga teachers on building their brand + business, I also take on some teaching gigs from time to time. It’s a really great anchor for me - I always feel better after guiding a class through movement and breath.


Number 3: I hate exercise that makes me sweaty.

I do feel embarrassed about admitting this one. Really though. It’s so hard for me to enjoy a good, intense cardio session. I much prefer leisurely bike rides, swimming, walking, and taking my time. Maybe it’s because the rest of my life sometimes feels like a rush, so if it’s a rush by choice...I’m out.


Number 4: I live with my engineer, serial-hobbyist partner, Mo...

...and it makes for some very interesting stories when people visit our home. We have everything from drones flying around, an indoor garden, and a homemade arcade machine. Yes. A homemade arcade machine.

This is a formal, rare photo of us together.

This is a formal, rare photo of us together.

This is a photo of the moon through a telescope that Mo built in our 700 square-foot condo. For real.

This is a photo of the moon through a telescope that Mo built in our 700 square-foot condo. For real.


Number 5: I live with over 10 pet tarantulas.

I know. I know. I know. Shhhhh. Reason? See point 4 above. Serial hobbyist. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve warmed up to them. I even think they’re kind of cute. Ok - now just forget I told you that whole story.


Number 6: The most terrified I’ve ever been in my whole life was during a trekking excursion in India.

I’ve never feared more for my life than trekking down the side of a steep, slippery mountain where if you fall, well then I’m sorry about that, but have fun free-falling off that cliff into that waterfall. When I got back to my room (after shamefully yelling at the tour guide that he was going too fast) I cried and slept for 3 hours in the middle of the day.




Number 7: I grew up in a small town...

...and the biggest, most exciting event of the year was a festival dedicated to potatoes. It was glorious and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. 


Number 8: My degree title is longer than my bio.

“Honours Arts and Business Co-operative Program with a Major in English Rhetoric and Professional Writing and a Specialization in Digital Media Studies.” Seriously - 21 words long.


Number 9: I got to live knowing and visiting my great-grandparents until I was 23 years old!

They were the cutest people who were the epitome of true, long-term love.


Number 10: In University, I worked 3 jobs. All at once.

While taking on a full course load. I really hated the idea of being in crazy debt for too long after I graduated. So... instead of traveling and doing other fun, expensive, use-your-student-loan-to-pay-for-it things, I was likely working instead. Luckily, I've been able to reap the rewards of that sacrifice in my mid-late 20s traveling often and whenever I'd like by building my own business, debt-free.  

There you have it. A little sneak peek into the life of me!

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