Client Spotlight: Coast to Coast

subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.

A behind-the-scenes look at this brand design project for Coast to Coast

What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Design
→ Packaging Postcards
→ Packaging Stamps
→ Local Guide Ad
→ Website Strategy
→ Website Design


Stephanie came to us at the beginning of building out her new side business, Coast to Coast - a subscription and gift box online store focused entirely on featuring Canadian-made products. She was in the very early stages of bringing everything to life and to help her with her big-picture vision was a very easy "yes!"

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

Step 1 | Brand Strategy

As Stephanie was busy with her long-term vision for Coast to Coast, we hopped in to help her streamline the entire brand strategy. We kicked things off with the branding brainstorm questionnaire, a collaborative Pinterest board and a strategy session to summarize all the important aspects of her new business: mission, overview, vibes, brand voice, ideal customers, differentiators and core values.


A sneak peek at the brand vibes:


The brand vibes of Coast to Coast focus on modern approaches and appeal to Canadians who value quality products that support their country’s economy and small business owners. The vibes of this brand take on the essence of Canada and being “Canadian” without being overt. The intention is to portray a sense of adventure, along with outdoorsy, cozy, cottage-y, nature vibes.

Step 2 | Brand Design

After making sure we were on track with the brand strategy for Coast to Coast, we worked on getting some concepts on paper. This step is so important for us and we always begin with some good old paper and a pencil (or paints, inks, markers...etc.). Ok, sometimes we use our iPads and Apple Pens too.

This stage is all about laying out the words of the business and figuring out the best direction to take for the logo and brand elements (like patterns, illustrations, icons...etc.).

Once we decided on the very best elements and layouts, we started to bring everything to life on the screen. We designed the entire brand concept to include the logos, colours, fonts, imagery, and brand illustrations, icons, and patterns. We recorded our rationale and sent it over to Stephanie for review and approval.

Here's what we heard from Stephanie:

"I've got nothing, this is perfect."

We blushed and grinned and happy danced all the way to finalizing all of her brand files for her!

Stephanie also opted for a full brand style guide during this project, which is a superb option if you're going on to create your own content, packaging, or website. The style guide goes into great detail on how to actually use your new brand, so Stephanie is now well-equipped to put all these files to action with a hardcover, printed copy for her desk!

subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.
subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.
subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.
subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.

Step 3 | Marketing + Packaging

Stephanie did a lot of her packaging on her own, which is fantastic and a lot easier to do when you have a clear brand and guidelines on using the assets. We helped Stephanie with a few key aspects of her new business:

  • Stamps so that she could easily create her own boxes with simple, stamped packages. This gave her a great, handmade vibe which matched her brand very well.

  • A postcard template she could easily customize each month with updated text and updated coupon code for the next months' boxes.

  • An ad designed for her local theatre guide advertising her new business!

Step 4 | Web Design

Stephanie is a lucky gal, because her partner is well-versed in web development. This meant that we were able to do all the custom web designs on our end and pass off the files and instructions to him to implement in Shopify. A great partnership!

We started with a strong strategy to help Coast to Coast customers find what they need as easily as possible. We also wanted to emphasize how great these boxes are as gifts!

From there, we designed each page for desktop/laptops and also mobile devices.

subscription box brand and packaging design website design by Function Creative Co.


Here's what Stephanie had to say about working together:

"The value I've received from the full brand package was well worth the investment and I'm happy I did this as a first step. Having a recognizable brand and professional website has given us such a leg up and taken such a load off my mind! Any time I post, create signage, or write an email, I feel like I have a clear understanding of my brand voice and style, and as a non-marketing person, that is a huge time saver!

We are constantly receiving compliments about our brand and web design! You have created such a recognizable brand for us that even with only 2 months of operations under our belt, people recognize our brand! Everything was broken down in a way that is easy to follow and execute. You have built such a solid business!

I have a clear direction on where I want to take my business and my brand. I love that the brand was built in a way that makes it possible for us to expand without a full re-design and I feel more confident when I present my products."

— Stephanie Nicoll, Owner & Founder of Coast to Coast

Businesses that support other small businesses make us incredibly happy!

We had such a blast working on this project and bringing this business to life with Stephanie. It's already had quite a boom of success with the first box launched and we can't wait to keep following along!

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