Client Spotlight: Dr. Mark Unger

hair restoration brand design by Function Creative Co.

A behind-the-scenes look at this brand design project for Dr. Mark Unger in collaboration with Erin Bennetto

What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Design
→ Marketing Brochures
→ Website Strategy
→ Website Design
→ Website Development


Dr. Mark Unger was referred to us by a past client (we are so grateful that we get lots of referrals over here and LOVE the little network we've cultivated). He is a hair transplantation surgeon based in Toronto, ON. and was looking to start implementing a brand around his services.

He had mainly been working via word of mouth and referrals (since his father is in this industry as well) and felt it was time to branch out and start creating a name for his practice.

This project was one that we felt a little nervous to take on if we're being honest. It felt totally outside of our comfort zone and we hadn't ever worked with a surgeon before. But of course, this felt like the exact reasons that we needed to say yes to this! So we took on the project and brought on another designer so that we could bounce ideas off one another and tag-team the out-of-the-box creativity that was needed (thanks Erin Bennetto!!).


Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

Step 1 | Brand Strategy + Concepts

Being pretty honest here, we didn't know much (read: at all) about the hair transplantation industry. So the brand strategy was a hefty part of this project, mainly because we wanted to really immerse ourselves into this process and the business of hair transplantation.

We started with a few extra calls with Dr. Mark to make sure we were super clear on how things work in his day to day business life. We needed to understand exactly who was coming to him for the surgery, and what they might be feeling while coming to that decision. We used our research skills too to dig into how others in this industry were representing themselves. I will say that with this brand, we really wanted to make sure Dr. Mark Unger stood out as a modern approach to hair transplantation, because we found a lot of very dated information and brands out there in his field.

Once we had the information we needed, we summarized the entire brand strategy of this practice into a guide and went to the drawing board. Erin brought a modern, polished, strong design direction to the table and we worked from there to build out the entire brand design.

Step 2 | Brand Design + Refining

With Erin's logo direction in hand and a bold colour palette to match, we put together an entire brand concept with fonts, imagery and all the logo iterations we'd be using.

The concept was a hit! The only 2 things that needed some refining and attention was the image style and the colour choice. We went with a bold yellow and royal blue initially, but ultimately decided that we still want to mesh with the medical industry in some ways. We toned down the palette and swapped the bright yellow for a bright orange to balance the blue.

When it came to imagery, we had a tricky time figuring out how to portray the brand and appeal to both a male and female audience, both young and older. We didn't want to work with standard medical imagery you'd see, and instead wanted to capture more of an artistry, modern vibe.

We ended up helping Dr. Mark with his professional photoshoot direction to get personalized imagery as opposed to stock photos. And it certainly paid off!

Once we nailed the refinements, we finalized everything so that we could move on to the website design and marketing brochures!

Step 3 | Marketing Brochures

Dr. Mark Unger has 3 stages for his practice: Consultation, Pre-op, and Post-op. We wanted to have a printable brochure for his clinic to handout during each one, as well as a digital version that users could download from the website.

Erin helped us put together the brand elements and designed some preliminary brochures that we could later add Dr. Mark's photography to.

hair restoration brand design by Function Creative Co.

Step 4 | Web Design + Development

Perhaps our favourite part of the project: bringing this brand to life on the website. We knew the website would be primarily used as an informational space for patients to read up on the procedures and educate themselves further before making a decision to have the transplantation surgery.

We designed the site on Squarespace, and kept things easily accessible for both those who are trying to make a decision about hair transplantation, and those who are looking for more information before their procedure.

The result was one of our favourite informational websites to date. A super modern, polished, bold site with fun features like the fly-out menu and before-and-after sliders to keep things organized and easy to find.

hair restoration brand design and website design by Function Creative Co.

This project burst us out of our creative bubble and we're pretty happy about that!

This project was very different from our norm here at Function and so bringing on another designer was the best decision. Sometimes having more eyes on the creative design helps you think outside of the box. New perspectives are always key when something tricky presents itself. Erin was a huge help in getting this brand off the ground.

As nervous as we were when we first took on Dr. Mark's brand and website project, we couldn't be happier with the results! Check out the full website here.


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