Client Spotlight: Lilli Pads Part 2 - The Brand Design

Brand photography by    Creating Light Studio    // Photography styling by    Sonja at Nurture Retreats

Brand photography by Creating Light Studio // Photography styling by Sonja at Nurture Retreats


In case you missed Part 1 of this spotlight series, check it out right here. In part 1 we discussed why Elaine felt that building a solid brand for Lilli Pads was so important to her business.

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Let's dive into Part 2:

Lilli pads organic hygiene brand design, packaging design and website design

How would you define your ideal customer?

When Elaine was thinking of her ideal customer, she spent a lot of time thinking about herself. She was often asking herself what qualities were important to her because she was confident that there would be others out there that were feeling the same.

I think it’s important to mention here that thinking of yourself when you dream up your audience is not a bad thing at all, it’s actually a great thing. You aren’t going to get much closer to your audience than this!

Her initial goal was to take responsibility of her own health and along the way, she recognized that she could reach a community of 25-35 year old women who had the appetite to do the same. It was also important that her audience was technologically savvy too, because she’s built her business online.

Socially conscious and technologically savvy women, phew, that’s a powerful combination!

hear it here:

What’s the most important message that you want the Lilli Pad community to take away from your brand?

Lilli Pad’s ultimate goal is inspire women in North America to get really curious about what goes into our bodies, and understand the importance of using organic, toxic-free period products.

As a women, Elaine’s story hits so close to home to me - she, like many others, was working a stressful job with demanding hours, wasn’t eating well, wasn’t exercising often and didn’t get enough sleep. It was around this time that went on a family trip and got very ill from using a pad. That’s when she started to question what chemicals go into her period products. The more research she did, the more she realized the importance of using organic period products. If you’re buying organic food in the grocery store, you should be buying organic period products as well. Duh, right? But it’s not something we often think about as women, is it?

I really loved working with Elaine on this project because I learned SO much from her. I thought to myself, as someone who cares about what goes into my body, why don’t I care about my period products? It’s one of those things that we just simply take for granted. You really need to be aware and take your health and well-being into your own hands.

She also taught me that women use around 10,000 period products in their lifetime (!!!). It’s important to consider how often we’re using these products and think not only about the potentially harmful toxins used to create them but also where they end up after we use them, which Elaine mentions is often the oceans (save the fish, ladies!).

Note: Lilli Pads are biodegradable, and very comfortable!

Lilli pads organic hygiene brand design, packaging design and website design

Do you think brand helps you stand out in this industry? How so?

When it comes to the brand, Elaine has received a ton of great feedback from her customers. And beyond just the look and feel of the brand itself, she feels that a lot of people are really connecting with the message - “periods are natural, your products should be too”.

Another element that helps Lilli Pads stand out is the customer service. Right now, Elaine runs this business on her own so when a customer emails the company, they are literally reaching out to her directly. And that’s a huge win for Elaine because having that ‘small business feel’ allows her to personally connect well with her audience every day.

I loved working with Elaine (for so many reasons, as I’ve already mentioned several times throughout this series), but a very important part of this experience for me was the process that Elaine and I went through to de-stigmatize “the period”. When was the last time you were watching a TV commercial for a pad or tampon and heard them actually use the word “period”? When we worked through the brand strategy, we talked a lot about breaking down that barrier and removing this “shameful” feeling associated to getting our periods each month.

The Lilli Pad brand aims to remove the period shame, feel the brightness, be aware and recognize that our periods are a gift. Once a month, we’re fortunate enough to be reminded that our bodies are going through a fertility cycle. And of course, there can be physical discomfort associates to it but ladies, let’s remember that periods are a symbol of good health and we should try to talk about our vaginal health more often. Elaine and I put a lot of effort into making sure that stood out.

Lilli pads organic hygiene brand design, packaging design and website design

There’s more where that came from!

We’re going to learn more about Lilli Pads in Part 3 of this series, It’s all in the Details. In this next part, we get into the core of working on the Lilli Pads packaging, website design and Shopify development.

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