Client Spotlight: Lilli Pads Part 3 - It's All in the Details

Brand photography by    Creating Light Studio    // Photography styling by    Sonja at Nurture Retreats

Brand photography by Creating Light Studio // Photography styling by Sonja at Nurture Retreats

In case you missed Part 1 & 2 of this spotlight series, check them out here (Part 1 // Part 2). In part 1 we discussed why Elaine felt that building a solid brand for Lilli Pads was so important to her business. In part 2 we dove into the nitty gritty of the brand design.

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Let's dive into Part 3:

Packaging, Marketing & Website Design

What has been the general feedback on your brand, packaging, and website?

Details are important, which is why Elaine and I spent over a year together working on her brand, packaging and website. And the verdict? Elaine’s received great feedback on the Lilli Pad branding, the packaging and the general vibe - she feels like her audience has really connected with it.

And her sales are a true testament that branding really does work. If your company has a strong brand message, people are usually always willing to pay a little extra for it. And to Elaine, it’s not all about the sales or money either, it’s about building trust and establishing a relationship with your customers.

It’s really been such a pleasure and such an honour to work with Danielle. She really took my brand from 0 to 100. Having someone like Danielle be able to translate these ideas into a cohesive package makes all the difference.
— Elaine Kao, Lilli Pads Founder

I often speak to my clients about this. To me, there are two types of “work” when it comes to building your brand. There’s the ‘tangible’ work, which is the nice packaging, website, and really putting an effort into designing something that will capture someone’s attention and make them feel like this is a brand that you want to trust and buy from.

But there’s also the ‘sneaky’ work, which is arguably the most important part of the whole thing. ‘Sneaky’ work is your story, your product quality and your message that keeps people coming back and feeling good about their purchases. Both of which are such important details in the process of building a brand.

hear it here:

What was the most important thing for you when it came to packaging?

Packaging was a huge part of the process for Lilli Pads. There were so many different things to consider when it came to packaging like how will the package look online versus in store, what warning labels are required, different sizes, and the list goes on.

Aside from the background work that went into making this product looks amazing, Elaine really wanted to have simple packaging that women could relate to and appreciate.

Lilli pads organic hygiene brand design, packaging design and website design

What was your biggest surprise when it came to the process of designing and developing a website?

For Elaine, building a website was a huge learning curve. Before Lilli Pads, she didn’t have any website experience.

It was really important to her to ensure that she knew what her audience wanted. After we created the first version of the Lilli Pads website, Elaine spoke with some potential customers and gathered their ideas and feedback. We ended up creating a second version of the website shortly thereafter, which really told the Lilli Pads story in a much stronger way and showcased the best parts of the brand. This type of feedback is so important to help you better understand what your audience wants to see.

hear it here:
brand packaging and web design by Function Creative Co.


What advice do you have for someone in your shoes one year ago?

For Elaine, one of the most important lessons learned on this journey is to surround yourself with good people.

She also places a ton of importance on going out of your way to meet in person with people you work with. If that means spending a bit more money to visit the site where your product is being made, then she suggests you do it. It’s almost guaranteed to save you money down the road and if nothing else, it gives you the peace of mind.

And finally, she urges everyone starting a business to hang on tight. Nothing is perfect and throughout year one of Lilli Pads, mistakes (which are just learnings!) have been made, naturally. Those that have “made it” with their business are not magicians and it’s almost never luck or smarts - it’s just hard work and consistency. If you can be mentally tough enough to say that you can make another day, you’re doing the right thing.


What's next for Lilli Pads?

Aside from Elaine having a baby in the New Year 👶(see, periods really are a blessing), her goal is to raise awareness about women’s reproductive health, periods and pregnancy. She wants to get rid of the stigma attached to periods through education. She also plans to collaborate with other companies and brands to get the messaging out.

The beautiful thing about what Elaine’s built is that she can take it in many different directions. She has some amazing ideas, which she’s keeping top secret for now but follow her on Instagram at lilli_pads to follow her on her journey!

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