Client Spotlight: Empowered by Michelle Grocholsky

coaching web design by Function Creative Co.

A behind-the-scenes look at this web design project

What we covered:

→ Web Strategy
→ Web Design
→ Squarespace Customization + Development
→ Email Marketing

Michelle got in touch with us asking about getting a polished, modern, trusting website designed for her new endeavour as a coach and consultant for women in the workplace. 

Most of the time, every client we work with comes to us and starts with brand strategy and styling before we move on to websites and marketing material. Michelle was a special case (and a special client!). She had her brand identity recently developed and after we took a deep dive into the work she had done, we realized we'd certainly be able to work within the realm of her new logo, patterns and colour palette. The only thing we'd take a closer look at was her typography to make sure it jived with the web direction we had in mind.

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

website planning + strategy work:

empowering / modern / inspiring / motivating / courageous

The perfect clients for Empowered were divided into two major categories: women working in the corporate world (mostly millenial women in the workplace) and organizations looking to learn and grow to be more inclusive and understanding in the modern workplace. This made our job clear: we needed to find the best way to balance both realms, speak to two audiences, and appeal to women in both organizational or HR roles along with women actually working in the corporate world.

We also needed to find the best solutions to showcase Michelle's skills, services and story to the right people. She'd be getting visitors to her website who fit both roles, as well as people who may just be interested in one over the other. Figuring out how to balance information, target it to the right user, and make sure people could find exactly what they were looking for in a quick and clear way was the main priority.

We started out by working through a website strategy together and got a guide in place to give the design process a clear direction.

coaching web design by Function Creative Co.
web strategy guide:

A peek inside the guide: 

→ Website missions
→ Pages (sitemap)
 → Flow (user experience)
 → Layouts (wireframes)
 → Moodboard
→ Imagery needed
→ Copy needed
→ Word of encouragement

coaching web design by Function Creative Co.
coaching web design by Function Creative Co.
coaching web design by Function Creative Co.
coaching web design by Function Creative Co.

Web design process

Once we had a strategy in place for how to speak to both the audiences Michelle wanted to reach, we started to design the pages along with the flow from one page to the next (AKA user experience). 

We start off by designing the main pages offline so that we can first present the look and feel to the client before going in and developing everything.

Here's the homepage (we're obsessed):

coaching web design by Function Creative Co.

The brand elements played so nicely together in the web design. The lattice pattern, the red, navy and font choices. Everything felt so synchronized. 

We focused a lot of the visuals on copy and typography during this project. Because it was so important for users to figure out where they best fit in the Empowered world and website (women in work vs. an organization), we wanted the copy to be clear, concise and a major focal point.

We're pretty obsessed with how beautiful and captivating the copy is across the entire site.


web development on squarespace

Based on the project needs and Michelle's long term vision for Empowered, we knew Squarespace would be the very best fit. It's important to consider a bunch of factors when deciding where you want to develop your website.

As Circle Members, we're able to fully customize the Squarespace experience for clients, so no website is ever the same. Templates won't stop us! We also get nice perks like offering clients 20% off their annual fee, and extended trial periods so that you aren't paying for a site that's not ready to launch!

We took Michelle's designs and after a very minimal refinement round, we customized a Squarespace template for her to match the designs we outlined.


email marketing

With two audiences, it was important to help Michelle figure out the best marketing strategy when it comes to emails. We helped implement the correct forms (styled them to match the brand, of course!) on the correct page, and then went in to her Active Campaign* (aff link - because we love it), to help her set up her automation sequences. 

We also designed 2 opt-in guides for Empowered. One for women in the workplace, and one for corporate organizations. It's so important to create a consistent brand experience for your users, so to have the forms and guide be designed in a professional and cohesive way makes a big difference.

coaching web design by Function Creative Co.

That's a wrap!

Working with Michelle to get the Empowered website up and running was truly an amazing experience. When our clients are passionate about what they do, we can't help but immerse ourselves in their business and thrive off their excitement.

Investing in web design that is strategic, thoughtful, intentional and well-designed is critical if you want your users, clients and customers to put trust in you (and therefore, buy a product, take action, or invest in your services). 

We can't wait to see how many lives Empowered changes!



Here’s what Michelle had to say about working with Function:

"I couldn't recommend Function highly enough. Danielle took the time to understand my business and vision and created an online experience to perfectly complement it. Her creativity is something to be admired, as is the thoughtful approach that she brings to each and every step of the design and handover process. I loved working with Danielle."

- Michelle Grocholsky, Coach + Consultant for Women in the Workplace

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