Client Spotlight: Satya + Sage: Products for Self-Care

satya + sage brand design packaging design website design by Function Creative Co.

An in-depth look at this brand experience & web design project we worked on with Son-ja from Satya + Sage


What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Design
→ Packaging Design
→ Marketing Collateral
→ Website Strategy
→ Website Design
→ Shopify Development


Son-ja came to us when she had made the decision to build her handmade candle business. She knew from the get-go that she wanted to do her branding and online shop right from the beginning. Her long-term visions were grand and inspired us to make sure she put her best foot forward straight out of the gate. And if you don't know how much we love working with product-based businesses, well then now you know. This project sounded like a dream, so we were in wholeheartedly.

Brand photos by:  XOquinntographer

Shopify Web Development: Nineteen Eighty Nine

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

The customers of Satya + sage

Go-Getter / Wellness-Aware / Indie / Value Handmade Products

The perfect customers for Satya + Sage are already working on their self-care routine. They are aware of wellness techniques and try to live a lifestyle that allows them to connect more to themselves and wellness. They do, however, struggle with actually slowing down and being more intentional with their rituals.

These customers (mostly women) prefer to shop at boutiques, and appreciate unique, handmade brands. They like researching brands they are buying from and value a solid brand story and good design.

satya + sage brand design packaging design website design by Function Creative Co.

STEP 1 | Brand Strategy + Design

We began the project by having Son-ja fill in her own copy of The Brand Planner. Because her business was new, we wanted her to get super clear on the foundation of her brand before we dove into the brand questionnaire. The Brand Planner helps with the brainstorming process when you begin to consider your business strategy. It helped Son-ja put her vision into words, which then helped us better understand everything!

From here, we had Son-ja fill in the foundations questionnaire and worked together on a collaborative Pinterest vision board before summarizing the entire strategy into a guide. Once we were all on the same page, we were ready for the fun part: design.

first up, initial sketches:
next, brand design:

We wanted Satya + Sage to feel very grounded and rooted in ritual. The main goal of the brand is to communicate how Satya + Sage products can become a part of your regular self-care routines. So we worked on a brand illustration as a way to elevate the brand experience when it came to packaging and recognition.

We presented our entire brand concept to Son-ja and worked together to refine and tweak the typography to make sure it felt perfect for her products!

satya + sage brand design packaging design website design by Function Creative Co.
satya + sage brand design packaging design website design by Function Creative Co.
satya-sage handmade candle brand design

STEP 2 | Packaging + Marketing

Our favourite part of this project was working with Son-ja to refine and perfect the entire brand experience from start to finish. That means that we wanted to go through the whole journey of a customer finding Satya + Sage (online or in person), deciding on products to buy, making an order and then receiving and using those products.

We worked through the process and created every step along the way intentionally. Packaging included: boxing, packaging tape, postcards for the boxes, intention-setting cards, meditation cards, hang tags, and tissue paper. No detail was left untouched. Truly. And the results were STUNNING. Trust us - we bought products as soon as the shop was live to test it all out!

We also worked with Son-ja to create event banners for markets and labels for each candle and essential oil blend product.

STEP 3 | Web Design + Development

Once we wrapped up the brand and marketing bits, we helped Son-ja with image direction and she was able to get some professional photos done of her products. They are stunning. We used these and put together an entire web strategy and design focused on the user experience. We wanted people to easily understand the brand story behind Satya + Sage and also find exactly what they were looking for.

We put together the entire experience and design and then passed off the files to Andrew over at Nineteen Eighty Nine to develop everything on Shopify for us. The result is GORGEOUS. You can see it right here.

satya + sage brand design packaging design website design by Function Creative Co.


What Son-ja had to say about the project:

"My favorite part of this service has been seeing the progress of the brand images/logos etc. and seeing months of hard work come to life! Also, the communication and organization of the process from beginning to end was something I appreciated.

It goes a long way when the person you are working with is genuinely into the brand. I'm a firm believer of not forcing things and I never felt like you didn't get it."

— Son-ja Haille, Satya + Sage Owner

Bringing an entire business to life is the most rewarding aspect of our jobs.

Working with Son-ja from the get-go to bring Satya + Sage to life was amazing. We worked so closely and so hard to make sure we nailed every single detail from start to finish. From the brand strategy through to the packaging details, customer journey and website shop launch, we're so grateful to have been a part of this vision! Follow along with Satya + Sage @satyasage.

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