Client Spotlight: Revamping the Screw the Nine to Five Website

screw the nine to five website design by Function Creative Co.

If you’ve been following me on social media, or if you’re subscribed to my email list, you may have seen that I was revamping Josh and Jill Stanton’s website for Screw the Nine to Five.

Let me give you a bit of a backstory about Screw the Nine to Five. Back in Fall of 2015, a dear friend of mine invited to a free Facebook Group called Screw the Nine to Five.

Back then, I was miserably grinding away at a 9 to 5pm day job and then coming home to scramble and get client work done.

I would take client calls on my lunch hour and try to be really careful as I answered client emails during the day from my phone.


Queue  Screw the Nine to Five - an online group of entrepreneurs working towards to the same goals: to get out on their own and make their dream lifestyles come true.

It was an awesome group then at about 6000 members, but it’s a THRIVING group now at nearly 25,000 members (WHAT?!).

I eventually had to bite the bullet and jump into their paid monthly membership that has tons of training and an amazing support group inside.

Fast forward to today (well a little while ago), I met up with the Stanton’s at a Toronto meetup for the members, we chatted, hit it off and voila - I’ve been able to team up with them in a couple of big and exciting ways.

First up, we worked together on a One Day Website course, which currently lives inside the Screw U membership. It was an awesome collaboration to help entrepreneurs who are JUST starting out be able to build a simple website using Wordpress in one day.

After we jived, they asked me to revamp the website and of course, no brainer, I said YES.

What we did to help users flow from one step to the next?


1. We totally redid the homepage, which is also the opt-in page with new buttons, new callouts, a completely new image and colours palette and logo.

screw the nine to five website design by Function Creative Co.


2. We re-organized and simplified the navigation menu. “Home” has become somewhat irrelevant now in a nav menu as most people intuitively now know to click on the logo to get back to the home page. So we nixed that one along with rejigging a couple of others.


3. We redid the sidebar so that the images are all cohesive with clear and simple call-to-actions. Sidebars are valuable real estate, but we shouldn't overcrowd them with loud noise. We wanted to be strategic with what we chose to place there and how we wanted to communicate the messages.

screw the nine to five website design by Function Creative Co.


4. We updated imagery. You all know how bad I NEED good imagery for sites I work on. Otherwsie, my design is only 50% effective in my opinion. Josh + Jill just finished up a new and refreshing photoshoot, so I was all smiles about their new content!


5. We added a new colour palette + fonts. We needed to freshen up the design of the site. Jill worked with me to get this to a crisp, clean, “beachy chic” design so that nothing was cluttered or distracting for the user.


6. We upgraded the social media share buttons to match the overall design.

My favourite thing to post are before and afters, so you can see the difference and be the judge.

screw the nine to five website design by Function Creative Co.

It was such a blast working with these two. They’ve been SUCH a game changer in my business and amazing mentors and leaders in their community. I’m so grateful that I was able to give back to them in some way or another.

Here’s what Jill had to say about working with Function:

"Danielle is our not-so-secret secret weapon when it comes to website design.

She took our outdated website and gave it a refresh that helped to tie together the look and feel we want Screw the Nine to Five to have.

We now have a clear structure to our site, everything feels unified and, well, it just looks damn good. I cannot rave enough about Danielle and our overall experience working with Function—from response time to work ethic to bringing your vision to life, it's been a true pleasure working alongside her!"

- Jill Stanton, Screw the Nine to Five


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