Client Spotlight: Studio Maven Architecture

studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.

A behind-the-scenes look at this brand design project for Studio Maven Architecture

What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Design
→ Studio Lookbook

The Studio Maven team provides architecture services to the San Francisco Bay area and reached out to us with a request to update their branding to something polished and refined. They had a website live on Squarespace and wanted a way to streamline the brand for their users.

They also were honing in on their processes and we saw an opportunity to work with them on putting together a lookbook for their services. We use a lookbook here at Function as well as a tool to help potential clients learn more before diving into a consultation call!

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

Step 1 | Brand Strategy + Concepts

As we always do, we began by getting everyone on the same page about the entire strategy of this architecture studio's brand and business model. We had them fill in our brand foundations questionnaire and put together a collaborative Pinterest vision board before hopping on a kickoff strategy brainstorm call.

Once we had the chance to summarize all of our findings into a neat and tidy strategy guide, we began to sketch out some concepts for the brand design.

studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.
studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.

Step 2 | Brand Design

We began to bring everything to life on the computer after we decided on the strongest direction within our sketches. This ended up being a structured, minimalistic logo with an equally minimalistic colour palette.

We opted for some architectural references to buildings and lines within the brand elements, and used a simple black, white and gray palette, adding a pop of yellow for emphasis. We wanted the brand to feel professional and recognizable.

studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.
studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.

Step 3 | Refine + Finalize

After a few subtle tweaks to the fonts, we moved on to finalize all the files, patterns, logos and brand elements so that when it came time to update their existing website, the Studio Maven team had everything they'd need.

We also opted to work on an entire brand style guide for them since they'd be the ones tackling website changes and future content design. When clients are going on to work within a team, pass on design work, or will be creating their own content and designs, we always suggest the entire style guide, which goes into a lot more detail about the application of the new brand as opposed to the simple brand style sheet (a one-pager outlining the specifics of the brand). As a bonus, we alway ship our brand style guide clients a hardcover copy of the book to keep as a reference and easy-access on their desks!

Step 4 | Studio Lookbook

Something we have implemented here at Function that's been a huge gamechanger and time saver is our studio lookbook. When we get an inquiry for a new project, we send a reply that links to our lookbook so that the potential client can go through the details of how we work and what services we provide. We outline details about our studio, our processes and our packages (timelines, deliverables, investments...etc.).

This approach has been amazing in cutting down email time, and consultation time. Don't get us wrong, we love getting on calls with our potential clients to get to know each other before committing to anything! But we can't possibly get on a call with every single email that lands in our inbox. So this lookbook is a great tool to have in our back pockets as a way to share more information with those who are interested in working with us, and then getting on a call to dig deeper into their needs.

The Studio Maven team knew this was something they wanted to have for their own inquiry process. They wanted a tool that could answer some commonly asked questions, and showcase some standard project packages to their potential clients. So we worked closely together to give them just that!

studio maven studio lookbook design
studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.


Here’s what Audrey at Studio Maven had to say about working with Function:

“This was a super easy process. Danielle has been a pleasure to work with and you're welcome to be as hands on or hands off as you want and you can trust that you'll be satisfied with the end product. Hello Function was efficient, professional, and reliable throughout the entire process. Great communication, and we really built a relationship with each other through this process.”

— Audrey Bauer, Studio Maven Founder

Every project at Function is a collaboration. We need our clients to be involved in the entire process to make sure we help them meet their goals!

We loved working with the entire team at Studio Maven on this new brand and cannot wait to see how they use it moving forward. We know they'll find great use for their new lookbook and are excited to see the brand applied to their website in the new year! Follow along with Studio Maven @studiomaven.

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