Client Spotlight: Tatjana Gorina, Your Florence Guide

studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.

A behind-the-scenes look at this brand design project for Tatjana Gorina, Your Florence Guide

What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Design

Tatjana came to us with a request to help her expand on her Florence Tour Guide business. She was ready to take on new services like retreats, courses, online workshops and personal tours for people traveling all over Italy.

It was important to maintain the brand and reputation she already had established as a Florence Tour Guide, while giving her something she could call her own - something to grow with her business model.

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

Step 1 | Brand Strategy + Concepts

First things first, we needed to get crystal clear on what Tatjana’s business and brand was all about. It’s so important to dive deep into the business model and understand what the client needs when it comes to building a brand. And not just right now. We needed to understand where Tatjana wanted to take the business in the future too so that she ended up with something timeless that could evolve with her.

First, we got into the brand strategy. We dissected all the unique quirks that make a tour with Tatjana unique. We summarized everything for her into a neat and tidy strategy guide with a moodboard and color direction to begin bridging the gap between theory/strategy and design.

From there, concept work! We sketch first and polish second. Sketching helps us get off the computer and a little more out of our own heads when it comes to creativity. We play with layouts, words, typography, icons, illustrations and patterns and then decide on the strongest contenders from there.

studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.
studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.

Step 2 | Brand Design

We began to bring everything to life on the computer after we decided on the strongest direction within our sketches. This ended up being a strong wordmark balanced with some really unique, free-flowing, hand-drawn illustrations.

We opted for some architectural references to Florence itself along with a caricature of Tatjana and a paintbrush and palette combination. The best part here is that Tatjana will be able to use all of the illustrations together or separate for any design collateral from here on out. She has an entire brand library of elements to pull from when she’s creating social media graphics, blog graphics, postcards, promotional materials and for her website design!

studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.
studio maven architecture brand design by Function Creative Co.

Step 3 | Finalize

Once everything got the big stamp of approval, our team began to export all the necessary file types and colors for Tatjana’s brand. We put together a few mockups of business cards and a simple landing page to show her just how to use her new assets!


When asked what her favourite part of the process was, Tatjana said:

“I loved The Brand Planner and all the brainstorming work you asked me to do. It helped me a great deal to gain clarity about what I wanted to create together.”

— Tatjana Gorina, Your Florence Guide

Every project at Function is a collaboration. We need our clients to be involved in the entire process to make sure we help them meet their goals!

We loved working with Tatjana on this new brand and cannot wait to see how she uses it moving forward. Follow along with Tatjana @yourflorenceguide.

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