Client Spotlight: The Orenda Clinic + Apothecary

subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.

A behind-the-scenes look at this brand + web design project for The Orenda Clinic + Apothecary. Website designed in collaboration with Natasia Martin.

What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Design
→ Website Strategy
→ Website Design
→ Squarespace Customization


The Orenda team came to us during the beginning stages of planning their new clinic in Toronto.

We usually see 2 types of clients at Function:

  1. Those who have been in business for a while and maybe DIYed their brand/website or had it done on the cheap but are now ready to take things to an entirely new level.

  2. Those who are just starting their business, but are very committed and want to kick things off with their very best foot forward right from the very beginning.

The ladies at Orenda fell into category 2 - they were ready to dive into this in a big way. They knew the value that a solid brand and website would have when just beginning and boy oh boy, it all paid off! It turned out beautifully.

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

Step 1 | Brand Strategy

We started off with the brand strategy so that we could all get on the same page about what this clinic was all about and how it was going to be different from the rest.


A sneak peek at the brand vibes:


The brand vibes for The Orenda Clinic & Apothecary aim to build trust within the community and for their patients. The brand is reliable in that the trust is builds with the audience becomes a home-base for knowledge, care and products (a trusted space that has its own, permanent location that people know they can depend on for their health and wellbeing). Because the business has its own location and entity, it is distinct and unique in comparison to many other naturopath clinics in the city and surrounding areas.

Step 2 | Brand Design

After making sure we were on track with the brand strategy, we worked on getting some concepts on paper. This stage is all about laying out the words of the business and figuring out the best direction to take for the logo and brand elements (like patterns, illustrations, icons...etc.).

For Orenda, we went with a 3-tiered wordmark. We used a hand-written “the” to bring a unique and artistic quality to the logo, followed by a classic, timeless serif font filled with warmth and welcoming vibes. We used a custom ampersand (because, of course we did!) and a classic sans-serif font to anchour the entire logo.

We love bringing art to our design, so we drew up some herbal icons and landed on the intertwined lavender as a brand staple. This icon represents the connection, community and healing vibes this clinic & apothecary will offer its patients.

subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.
subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.
subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.
subscription box brand and packaging design by Function Creative Co.

Step 3 | Web Design

We collaborated with an awesome web designer, Natasia Martin on the website for The Orenda Clinic & Apothecary and it is stunning.

Squarespace allows us to offer clients more affordable web design rates while also giving them an easy-to-maintain option moving forward.

This custom built Squarespace site features parallax scrolling for a dynamic experience and showcases all the amazing offerings and benefits of the clinic in a user-friendly, non-overwhelming way! We absolutely love it. Check it out at!

subscription box brand and packaging design website design by Function Creative Co.


Here's what the ladies of The Orenda Clinic & Apothecary had to say about working together:

"We both strongly believe that our business is only as good as our brand and we wanted to make sure we have someone we trusted helping us develop it.

[Function] was a fantastic hire and gave us so much support. You really connected with our vision and brought it to life in a way we couldn’t have done alone. We have a much clearer vision on how we are developing our messaging and now we have a stronger way to move forward as a brand."

— Dr. alessia milano & dr. hayhlee Clarence

Businesses that support other small businesses make us incredibly happy!

We had such a blast working on this project and bringing this business to life. They’re opening the doors at the end of summer 2019. Be sure to follow along at @theorendaclinic or on their website!

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