Client Spotlight: The Quantum King

quantum king brand design by Function Creative Co.

A behind-the-scenes look at this brand styling project

What we covered:

→ Brand Strategy
→ Brand Styling

Ry Schwartz is a copywriting genius over at his company Full Expression and we worked on the brand identity for that business in late 2016. Ry came back into our inbox to work on a side project that we quickly fell in love with: a teaching platform serving men via immersive experiences and high-touch trainings to help awaken the multiple dimensions of ordinary men. An empowering journey that we DEFINITELY wanted to be a part of, so of course, we said an immediate "yes please!"

Let's take a peek at what went into this project:

The ideal client for THE QUANTUM KING:

desire to be seen / seeking purpose / stuck

The perfect clients for The Quantum King are men who struggle with wanting a sense of freedom and connection. They're ready to step into a new possibility of being that allows them to feel excited, empowered, compassionate and re-invigorated after shedding hopelessness, numbness and "irreparable" molds. Yes, very deep. And there's no better leader/teacher I could think of than Ryan to guide them into a better way of living and being.

quantum king brand design by Function Creative Co.
concept design:

Because Ry already has a business established under Full Expression Media, we wanted to keep things consistent and streamlined so that TQK was a clear branch of his work. 

This meant that we kept the same feel as the first brand we developed, only slightly changing up some of the brand elements to be used to compliment any marketing materials, and the website design.

quantum king brand design by Function Creative Co.

The Brand Design

The main logo design for TQK keeps the boldness that Full Expression has, but adds elements of daring courage and grounded-ness. The journey the men of TQK will take is represented by the line in the logo and we made sure to include a submark that's compact enough to use in contexts like social media. 

The crown icon came about after Ry mentioned something along the lines of "I wonder if we can create something that's tattoo-able" and after a chuckle, I accepted the challenge. The result is this simple, recognizable icon that, yes, is an ode to a crown fit for a king, but also shows grounding (with the thick, solid line across the bottom) and 3 simplified figures that represent past, present and future, with present being more prominent and important. 


Finalizing files + Application

Once we refined the logo and submarks to perfection, we started to finalize all the files and put the brand style sheet together for Ry and his team to reference any time they're creating new content.

quantum king brand design by Function Creative Co.
quantum king brand design by Function Creative Co.
quantum king brand design by Function Creative Co.

No project is ever the same

Here at Function, we thrive when we can work with different clients in different industries, because ultimately, immersing ourselves in the brand and business is what we enjoy most. 

We never work with only one particular type of client or one particular style, so projects like this where we get to dig deep into our imaginations and put ourselves in the shoes of the ideal clients (even when we might not fit the profile) are always some of the most rewarding to launch. 

We can't wait to see where Ry and his team take this business and are thrilled to see someone step into teacher to help guide men into more extraordinary lives!

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