Function creative co brand and web design FAQs

This is what we’re into right now

In case you’re curious about what we’re currently reading, watching & working on!

currently working on:
  • Working on 6 client brand/website projects for a few different coaches, a personal growth firm, a women’s counsellor and community, and an occupational therapist (can we say GRATEFUL any louder for our inspiring, amazing clients?! No. No we can’t. We are shouting it as loud as we can).

kicking off new projects:
  • We are accepting new clients for kickoffs starting end of July + beginning of August.

currently wishing for:
  • A coffee shop/restaurant design client (we would love to design menus!)

  • Product-based business design client (with all things packaging!)

currently loving on:
  • GoodNotes 4 app for iPads (marks up PDFs, which we use for client calls, meeting notes, daily check-ins, and brainstorming! It’s like writing without a notepad)

  • Creating and getting creative every single day. Instagram is the best place to be for updates.

currently reading:


Biggest shout-out to Caroline + Jason over at Wandering Aimfully for this page inspiration. We’ve always wanted a fun spot to share what we’re currently into, working on and wishing for. This is awesome.