The Brand Planner (Hardcover)

The Brand Planner (Hardcover)


The essential business planner for entrepreneurs and business owners who want the kind of brand clarity that allows them to end overwhelm, get focused, make a plan, reach goals, and build a life they love while doing so.

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“The Brand Planner gave me more clarity than a $1500.00 course!”

— a happy customer ♥

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Overwhelmed doesn’t have to be your “normal”


Build a better brand

& design a life you love along the way

If courses aren’t your thing, and hiring a brand strategist, business coach or designer is out of your budget right now, this is the perfect tool to bring the kind of focus to your business that’ll help you GET. THINGS. DONE.

When you can get this kind of clarity in your brand and your business, it opens up space in your life for more joy, peace, and even MORE SLEEP!

the brand planner for business owners and entrepreneurs

A lack of clarity can feel like:

→ Aimless to-do lists that never end

→ Burn-out becoming a normal feeling

→ Shiny-object-syndrome which keeps you from ever finishing something fully

→ A lack of focus to achieve what you initially set out to do

→ Indecisiveness in your business (and maybe in your life too)

→ No financial goals leading to unstable finances each month

→ Creating confusion in your audience making it harder for them to understand what you do and why it will help them

→ Overwhelming-keep-you-up-at-night thoughts about your business and what comes next

→ Goals that feel out of alignment with your own vision and version of success

→ Clients who just are not the right fit for you leading to conflict, resentment or frustration in both parties

→ Customers who don't see the value in what you're working on or creating in your business and therefore aren’t buying from you

→ Wasted hours on marketing and content creation without intention, purpose and strategy


Get the clarity you’re craving in life and business


Reach your own version of success

Getting clear means:

→ More time

→ More productivity

→ More freedom

→ Better clients or customers

→ More sales, so more money

→ Intention + strategy

→ Clear focus

→ Aligned goals

→ Less overwhelm

→ Less procrastination

→ Less time wasted

→ Less imposter syndome

→ Less confusion


The Brand Planner Breakdown:

The Brand Planner will guide you through a series of exercises and activities to get the clarity you need. When we get this clear about our brand and our business direction, we're able to put together an actionable plan and get closer to our own version of success!

Part 1 - Why: Explore your values and reasons for being in business first to set a solid foundation.

Part 2 - What: This is where things get more tangible and you can outline specifics about what makes your brand unique.

Part 3 - Who: Discover both who you are in your business and who you're directing your messaging to.

Part 4 - How: Tie everything together in a neat and tidy brand strategy package!



What's inside?

A 4 part guide to brand clarity & business direction

the brand planner function creative co entrepreneur guide

the brand planner function creative co entrepreneur guide

Things overheard about The Brand Planner on the interwebs:

the brand planner function creative co entrepreneur guide

The Brand Planner gave me more clarity than the $1,500 course!!“


“I received more value out of it than a $700 branding course!”


“I feel like The Brand Planner saved my business from heading in no direction to a place I'm comfortable with and extremely proud of! It tied my thoughts together in a very packaged and organized way that I'm super confident to share with the world.”


“It definitely made me think about a lot of things I wouldn't have considered and has been a great tool to use as I am pivoting my business from a solopreneuer to more of an agency/design studio model.”


“I am so happy to have finished working through The Brand Planner and feel SO MUCH CLARITY and like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and brain. The Brand Planner was simple to follow and I felt like I was benefiting from every single question you asked or exercise you wrote.”


“Easy to follow, enjoyable, I would almost say entertaining!”


the brand planner function creative co entrepreneur guide

What people are saying:

We think it's pretty great, but don't just take our word for it


“I was feeling really lost in my business, so when I learned about The Brand Planner, I was so excited to power through it in the hopes it would help me. I got way more than I bargained for! Not only did I learn more about my brand through the exercises, I learned more about MYSELF in the process. I came away from The Brand Planner with a notebook full of new ideas to implement and even more important - my passion for my business had been restored. I plan on going back to The Brand Planner each quarter to refocus and recommit to my mission.”

— Sarah Hartley, Creator + Editor in Chief at Holl & Lane Magazine

the brand planner function creative co entrepreneur guide

“Danielle is a branding + web design queen! When she can create something to help her community, she goes for it full steam, which is exactly what she did with The Brand Planner. It is beautifully designed and encourages you to dig into the heart of your brand — the who, what, why, and how. As a former brand strategist, I cannot tell you how key these pieces are to creating a successful brand that truly reflects YOU — your personality, your values, and your passion. I love that The Brand Planner makes it super simple and accessible for all creative entrepreneurs to do this incredibly important work. Treat yourself to The Brand Planner whether you're branding yourself for the first time or you're about to rebrand your business. It's gold!”

— Devan,


“Kind of, really, majorly obsessed with @hellofunction’s Brand Planner! Now that I’m entering 2018 business planning, my mind has been chock full of new ideas. You too? Whenever a new stage of business evolution comes my way, I like to revisit my “why,” dig into who I really want to help, and what I want my life to look like holistically. The prompts in The Brand planner have helped me do just that.”

— Kayla Hollatz, Copywriting, Brand Strategy + Content Creation at



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long will it take me to work through The Brand Planner?

This depends on the time you want to dedicate, of course. The Brand Planner is a powerful tool that can supplement or replace brand coaching if that budget is out of reach. The entire planner could take you a few power hours, or you can spread it out over about 4 weeks, completing perhaps 10 minutes each morning to let things simmer.

Generally speaking, each part of the book could take 1-2 hours to complete. Across 4 parts, that's between 4-8 hours.

Q2. How long will it take to get my planner?

Your order will be processed within 1-3 business days. You will receive a confirmation once the book is shipped with more information. Generally, shipping takes between 3-10 business days depending on location.

Q3. Do you have a digital copy available?

There is a digital copy of The Brand Planner available here for $30.00. I love to use the digital copy on my iPad with my Apple Pencil using the Good Notes 4 App.

Q4. Do you offer bulk order discounts?

We do! If you want to place an order for 5 or more hardcover planners to keep on hand to send off to clients when you onboard, or as a thank you/welcome gift, then we think that's a swell idea. And we think your clients will love you for it. Get in touch with us so we can setup a custom order for you and you'll save 25% on the cost of the planners.

You can also purchase a digital license to use The Brand Planner for your clients or in your own process. Reach out to us for more information.

Q5. What's the return policy on the printed hardcover book?

Please see the notes at the bottom of this page for information on return policies for defective items! You can cancel an order within an hour of order confirmation.


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The Brand Planner (Hardcover)

The essential business planner for entrepreneurs and business owners who want the kind of brand clarity that allows them to end overwhelm, get focused, make a plan, reach goals, and build a life they love while doing so.

Prefer the digital version? Grab yours here ($30.00)


“The Brand Planner gave me more clarity than a $1500.00 course!”

— a happy customer ♥

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