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Make your first impression an unforgettable one.


A thriving business starts with a cohesive, professional, & intentional brand experience.


You’ve got the business going and you’ve written out your DREAM-BIG goals. You’ve spent endless hours browsing Pinterest, looking at industry-leader websites, envying the beautiful designs that you’re seeing.

You’ve tried to whip something up in Canva, or perhaps even have a Squarespace trial that’s completely overwhelmed you into procrastination.

You’re ready for clarity, strategy, and cohesive designs that will bring your dreamiest business visions to life.

You have one shot at making a first impression, so let’s make it count.

the services:

Brand Experience Package:

Way (way way way) more than a logo

Here at Function, we always start with a comprehensive brand experience process to help us get to the nitty-gritty of what makes your brand yours.

A brand is much more than a logo. In fact, that ends up becoming just a small piece in a large puzzle. You’ll see. We will work together very closely to figure out the entire foundation of your brand so that we can start to build out the necessary pieces to share your best brand experience with your clients or customers. 

Brand + Web Package:

An entire strategic experience for your perfect clients & customers

Your website shouldn’t lead to embarrassment or hyperventilation. We want you to feel excited about sending people over to your www. It’s time to start turning your online visitors into raving fans, clients, and customers with a website that is captivating, consistent, unique, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

Oh, and it’ll also be completely upping your brand experience game, making clients and customers want to keep coming back.

kara petrunick living apothecary brand and web design

Sharing some client love:


"Danielle - you have been the most supportive, patient, and awesome. I seriously will be forever grateful for this experience and all that you did. Honestly - going into this - the brand was the most important to me and every single day someone mentions how awesome the branding is. "

– Kara, Found of Living Apothecary


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